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The Dragon Boat Festival preferential of WYL SS 150lbs thread fittings will help you save a lot of costs

 Dear manager,
 So glad to write to you again.
 Our Dragon Boat Festival preferential activity for WYL SS 150lbs thread fittings will last the end of this week (June19th). If you confirm a order during our holiday, we will apply a special discount for you, or you can get the opportunity to reduce or remit the cost of freight and insurance.
 As you know, the sea freight is rising high these days, so our preferential activity will help you save a lot of costs.

 Up to now, orders of threaded pipe fittings has an increase of 60% compared with last month. So if you want to seize this opportunity to save your costs, act now!
 We will be pleasant to receive your inquiry.
Best& Regards,

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